Pre-installation steps

  • Create a backup of your shop before proceeding to install.
  • If your shop is using compilation (you can check it in System ‣ Tools ‣ Compilation), disable it please before proceeding to install.

Installation process

  • In your browser, open the Magento Marketplace page, add it to your cart, and go to checkout (this will be free of charge). On the order confirmation page click on Install to receive the access key (you may need to log in with your Magento account). Copy the access key.
  • Go to System ‣ Magento Connect ‣ Magento Connect Manager and enter your admin credentials to get logged in.
  • In the Install New Extensions section enter Login and Pay with Amazon extension key obtained from Magento Marketplace page and click Install button. Magento will display information about the extension you are about to install and after making sure this is the right version click Proceed button.
  • Installation will start and after successful install it will show a message. Optionally, you can click on Refresh button to see if Login and Pay with Amazon (identified as Creativestyle_AmazonPayments) is listed on list of the installed extensions.
  • Proceed to the post-installation steps.

Post-installation steps

  • If you’re using custom design theme, refer to the Templates customization section to find out how to adjust Login and Pay with Amazon templates to your needs.
  • Go to System ‣ Cache Management and flush Magento cache storage.
  • If you have disabled compiler in pre-installation stage, you can go now to System ‣ Tools ‣ Compilation, recompile and enable compiler again.
  • Logout from the Magento admin and login again.

Voila! The Login and Pay with Amazon extension shall be installed now. You can proceed to the Configuration followed by Frontend templates and Email templates customization (if applicable).