This extension provides an official integration of your Magento store with Login and Pay with Amazon services. They help your customers shop quickly, safely and securely. Your customers can pay on your website without re-entering their payment and address details. All Amazon transactions are protected by Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee.

The extension is a pure payment solution. No item level is communicated to Amazon Payments and it allows you to manage your orders directly from Magento.

Extension features

  • Pay with Amazon button in the shopping cart and in the 1st step of OnePage checkout
  • Login with Amazon button on the customer login page
  • Customization of Login and Pay with Amazon widgets from within Magento admin
  • Support for payment authorizations, captures and refunds (also partial refunds)
  • Supports Amazon Instant Payment Notifications
  • Live & sandbox modes available
  • Toolbox for simulating payment states in sandbox mode
  • CSV-based event logger

Getting the extension

The extension can be installed via Magento Connect using following key: http://connect20.magentocommerce.com/community/Creativestyle_AmazonPayments.

Refer to the Installation section to get more details concerning installation procedure.


Version 1.3.2

Major Highlights

  • Implemented asynchronous way of loading Amazon Payments JS libraries


  • Added cURL error handling for Login with Amazon API calls


  • Using deminified JS when sandbox mode is on for easier debugging
  • Modified Pay with Amazon button tooltip text for virtual orders
  • Refactored Amazon Payments SDK library to fix autoloader issues


  • Fixed wrong shipping cost when additional fees (acting as additional items in total section) are applied
  • Fixed issue with Merge JS option enabled
  • Closing OrderReference transaction after succesful capture

Version 1.2.6

Major Highlights

  • Implemented responsive Amazon Payments widgets in the checkout


  • Fixed error when accessing extension settings page on Magento lower than
  • Fixed issues with Magento compiler

Version 1.2.4


  • Fixed Pay with Amazon button appearing twice when Login with Amazon feature is enabled

Version 1.2.2

Major Highlights

  • Added Login with Amazon service


  • Added helper methods for generating Pay or Login with Amazon buttons


  • Changed frontend template files structure
  • Changed Pay with Amazon button in the 1st step of OPC to Login with Amazon


  • Clean orderReferenceId session data after successful order
  • Fixed issue with permanently disabled Place order button when there is more than one layer with buttons-set class used
  • Fixed using of invalid Amazon account credentials when cancelling an order in non-default store of multi-store installations

Extension vendor

This extension has been developed by creativestyle GmbH in cooperation with Amazon Payments Europe S.C.A.

Creativestyle is an interactive agency with years of experience and origins in Germany. Our company is present in the e-commerce market since 2001. We focus on development and implementation of various Internet projects.

creativestyle GmbH
Ganghoferstr. 68 a
80339 München
+49 89 5480 7604